SIM card price hike enforced in Tajikistan

21 Aug 2018

Purchasing a mobile SIM card in Tajikistan will cost TJS250 (USD26.40) under new regulations entering force on 1 September 2018, reports the Asia Plus news agency ( Currently, SIMs are available for ‘next to nothing’ as mobile network operators (MNOs) bundle the cards into start-up packages with data/voice credit. The move was initiated by Tajikistan’s interior ministry ‘for security reasons’ and backed by the parliamentary committee on defence and security. The new statutory SIM charge is also applicable if re-registering an existing SIM to another individual, thereby discouraging the resale of SIM cards, according to MPs supporting the measures. The new fees collected by MNOs must be transferred to the telecoms regulatory authority (the Communication Service under the Government of Tajikistan).