BIPT proposes legislation for 2019 5G auction

16 Aug 2018

Telecoms watchdog the Belgian Institute for Post and Telecommunications (BIPT) has published proposed legislation to auction new mobile frequencies next year, with the aim of attracting a fourth mobile network operator (MNO), writes RCR Wireless. Within the legislation document is a requirement for existing operators Proximus, Orange and BASE to offer national roaming on their networks. The proposals set by the BIPT are subject to feedback from advisory bodies, with the government keen to award 5G spectrum in late-2019. The government hopes to award spectrum in the 700MHz, 1400MHz and 3600MHz frequency bands, with the authorities also confirming that renewals of all existing licences due to expire in March 2021 will also be included in the auction process.

The new 5G licences are expected to be awarded for 20-year terms and the BIPT also reiterated its belief that the entry of a fourth MNO will allow for lower prices, more innovation and a more competitive environment, leading to better customer choice and experience.