ANACOM deregulates wholesale market for call origination

15 Aug 2018

Portugal’s National Communications Authority (Autoridade Nacional de Comunicacoes, ANACOM) has issued a decision to deregulate the wholesale market for fixed line call origination for the provision of retail telephone services through indirect access (including carrier pre-selection [CPS], call-by-call carrier selection or subscriber line reference offer [SLRO] services). The regulator noted that indirect access/SLRO has become less important ‘as alternative operators have been increasingly investing in their own infrastructure, which has contributed to increased competition in the market’. The watchdog added that this market – previously referred to as Market 2 – no longer meets EC criteria for regulation, and as such, fixed line incumbent PT Portugal (MEO) will have its regulatory obligations lifted.

MEO will remain subject to the existing price control obligations on the aforementioned wholesale services for a transition period of 18 months after ANCOM’s decision is finalised, but only for existing fixed line accesses, with no obligation to provide any new CPS/call-by-call/SLRO accesses. The final draft decision of ANACOM will now be notified to the EC.