Spark outlines 5G network plans

9 Aug 2018

Spark, New Zealand’s second largest mobile network operator (MNO) by subscribers, has revealed in a briefing paper its plans for providing 5G services to homes and businesses from 2020. The purpose of the briefing paper is to inform investors of the firm’s 5G targets and to help customers learn more about 5G and address questions on the matter.

Spark Managing Director Simon Moutter commented on the company’s 5G advancements after successful outdoor and indoor trials of the technology earlier this year: ‘We have already begun a build programme to increase the number of cell sites in our existing network, which will enable us to meet near-term capacity demand as well as lay the groundwork for network densification required for 5G.’

With regards to the allocation of 5G-suitable frequencies, Spark explained that the two most likely spectrum bands will be the mid-frequency C-band and high-frequency mmWave band. In addition to these bands low-frequency spectrum below 1000MHz will be required to service rural areas with 5G, while the government is currently working to use the 600MHz band for 5G too.

New Zealand, Spark