Altice Europe 2Q18 revenue drops to EUR3.5bn

2 Aug 2018

Netherlands-based multinational telecoms group Altice Europe has reported consolidated revenues of EUR3.5 billion (USD4.1 billion) for the three months ended 30 June 2018, down from EUR3.7 billion in 2Q17. Adjusted EBITDA, meanwhile, dropped from EUR1.5 billion to EUR1.3 billion in the year under review. Altice Europe was created after Altice NV (also known as Altice Group) decided to spin off its Altice USA business and rename its core business; the separation became effective on 8 June 2018.

Patrick Drahi, founder of Altice Europe, commented: ‘Since the beginning of 2018, Altice Europe has continuously delivered on its operational turnaround plan, showing continuous improvements in subscriber trends. In France, we have gained more than half a million customers already since the beginning of this year. Altice Europe is already winning back market shares and will return to growth. Our customers remain our first priority, and we have a unique asset base with expanding premium proprietary infrastructure in both fibre and mobile and content assets to further improve their satisfaction.’

Netherlands, Altice Europe (formerly Altice Group)