Philippine Senators call for new laws to ease entry and boost competitiveness of new third telco

1 Aug 2018

Two Philippines’ Senators, Sherwin Gatchalian and Aquilino Pimentel III, reportedly have called on Congress to speed up the approval of legislation which it is claimed could ease the entry and competitiveness of the country’s ‘third telco’. Recognising the role that the sector plays in terms of generating income for the wider economy, Senator Gatchalian says Congress should fast-track the passage of three bills, namely: the Open Access in Data Transmission Act, which would give additional powers to the regulator, National Telecommunications Commission (NTC), with a view to speeding up the registration process for applicants in the data transmission segment; the Lifetime Cellphone Number Act, which would facilitate mobile number portability (MNP); and the proposed amendments to the Public Service Act to improve competition among telecoms operators.