DOCOMO reports success with 5G test using vehicle glass-mounted antenna on connected car

25 Jul 2018

Japanese mobile operator NTT DOCOMO, Ericsson Japan and glass solution provider AGC have claimed a ‘world first’ in a 5G test using a 28GHz band antenna on a 5G connected car. The trials achieved 8Gbps 5G communications with a fast-moving car equipped with vehicle glass-mounted antennas (‘On-Glass Antennas’). In a press release, DOCOMO said the field trial used On-Glass Antennas designed and developed by AGC, which can be installed on glass surfaces without affecting the vehicle design. The release read: ‘Radio waves in the 28GHz band have a large propagation loss and have difficulty propagating over long distances. By installing an On-Glass Antenna on the vehicle, radio waves above 6GHz can be transmitted and received using the “beam forming function”, which concentrates radio waves in a specific direction, and the “MIMO function”, which improves communication speed by simultaneously transmitting different data from multiple antennas. This allows stable, high speed communications even for vehicles in operation.’

Going forward, DOCOMO, AGC and Ericsson Japan say they will continue working toward utilising 5G in various environments including in-vehicle communication modules and others, aiming to see 5G connected cars become a reality.

Japan, Ericsson, NTT DOCOMO