CANTV rolls out fibre network in Falcon State

25 Jul 2018

CANTV, Venezuela’s largest ISP by subscribers, has announced the rollout of its fibre-optic broadband network in the northern state of Falcon. In a press release from telecoms watchdog the National Telecommunications Commission (Conatel), it stated that the deployment of fibre by CANTV was part of the Eighth Project of Universal Telecommunications Service (Opsut), a project promoted by the regulator and implemented by CANTV. The telco installed 204.2km of optical fibre throughout the Falcon region, connecting Lara and Zulia. 13 links were also connected to the New Generation Nodes (NGN) in Los Quemados, El Mamon, La Pena, San Luis and La Cienaga-El Desengano. In addition, the nodes of Cabure, La Encrucijada, La Cruz de Taratara, Maria Diaz, El Pauji, Churuguara, El Trual-El Roble, Maparari and Duvisi were also connected.

The population of Churuguara is one of the first to benefit from the fibre-optic network, with the migration of the San Luis, Cabure, La Cruz de Taratara and Maparari nodes expected in the coming days, with the remainder to follow.