KPN rings the changes in traditional telephony/data services

24 Jul 2018

The Netherlands’ KPN has announced a number of changes to its wholesale offers for traditional data and telephony services, in what it called the next step in replacing such services with future-proof alternatives. KPN stated: ‘Partly because of the rise of VoIP, high-quality IP broadband services and the use of mobile telephony, the number of users of traditional services via KPN’s old telephony platforms (SDH, ASAM and TDM platform) has been decreasing for years and is now very small. VDSL and fibre-optic connections have also become the reliable alternative to outdated data and internet services such as SDSL/ILL. Moreover, the technology behind all these old platforms reaches the end of its lifespan. The users of these traditional services will switch over to ethernet and IP-based broadband and telephony solutions in the coming years. This allows users to combine different services more advantageously over a single connection.’

Netherlands, KPN