Ukrtelecom piloting fixed-wireless telephony over TriMob’s cellular network

23 Jul 2018

Nationwide Ukrainian operator Ukrtelecom has received regulatory permission to launch a three-month pilot in August of a fixed-wireless telephony service using the 3G W-CDMA mobile network of its subsidiary TriMob for connectivity. Users will be issued with specialised fixed handsets but will have standard fixed phone numbers and the same tariff plans as regular fixed telephony subscribers. Ukrtelecom stated that the solution is designed to help it provide reliable fixed services in areas with a high incidence of copper cable thefts. TeleGeography notes that Ukrtelecom’s management has indicated recently that it does not intend to commit any new investment in upgrading TriMob’s mobile infrastructure; the planned fixed-wireless service could represent an alternative way to gain value from the mobile division, which the group previously failed to divest.

Ukraine, Ukrtelecom (incl. TriMob)