Proximus agrees fibre network agreement with Flanders govt

23 Jul 2018

Proximus, Belgium’s leading telco by subscribers, has agreed a deal with the regional government of Flanders to deploy a ‘super-fast digital network of the future.’ Last year the Flemish government announced its desire for the region to be ranked one of the most digitally advanced in the world for both households and businesses. Philippe Muyters, Flemish Minister for Innovation said that there were four conditions that the new network must meet, namely a future-proof capacity, sufficiently high coverage, open access for other market players and a fair and competitive access fee. This week the Flemish government and Proximus reached an agreement on the joint implementation of these four conditions.

Proximus Group CEO Dominique Leroy commented: ‘Proximus is actively rolling out its fibre network. In time we intend to cover the centres of all cities and municipalities in Flanders with this future-oriented network.’

Belgium, Proximus