DTAC expresses reservations over bidding in 850MHz auction

18 Jul 2018

Thailand’s staging of a second planned auction of spectrum in the 850MHz band is yet again in doubt, with Total Access Communication (DTAC) having expressed reservations about bidding in the sale process after telecoms watchdog the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) refused its request to lower the reserve price. The Bangkok Post cited Chief of Corporate Affairs Rajiv Bawa as saying that ‘it would be very difficult to bid’ if the conditions are not changed, as it would cause operational risks and the costs would be unpredictable. The executive added that the terms and conditions of the auction create ambiguous responsibilities for the successful licensee, with the winner of the auction set to be solely responsible for any interference with Thailand’s upcoming railway projects, which will make use of spectrum in the 850MHz and 900MHz bands. Further, he added that the lowering of the reserve price by THB2 billion (USD60 million) to THB36 billion will not cover the cost of installing filters to block frequency interference.