FICORA invites applications for 3.5GHz spectrum auction

13 Jul 2018

Registrations for Finland’s upcoming auction of 5G-suitable spectrum are now being accepted, the Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority (Viestintavirasto, FICORA) has confirmed. With the frequency sale expected to get underway on 26 September 2018, the watchdog has announced that would-be applicants must apply to take part in the process by 17 August 2018. Alongside inviting applicants, FICORA has also published the rules underpinning the sale process and, through ‘Regulation 64B/2018’, has confirmed that three 130MHz blocks of spectrum are to be made available in the 3.5GHz (3410MHz-3800MHz) band. Indeed, in its supporting documents the regulator noted that the ‘most significant change affecting the auctioning process compared to the previous regulation is that the frequency range to be auctioned has been divided into three equal frequency bands instead of paired frequency blocks’.