Orange Romania conducts FWA 5G test

3 Jul 2018

Orange Romania, the country’s largest mobile network operator (MNO) by subscribers, has carried out testing of a fixed wireless access (FWA) multi-vendor 5G network. The test is being carried out alongside Orange’s partners Cisco and Samsung and has been running since 1 June in the territory of Floresti in Cluj and will continue until 16 July. Orange claims to be the first company in Europe to trial an FWA 5G network and says that it represents an important step in understanding the capabilities of 5G technology.

As part of the testing 15 customers were able to test the new technology in their homes using Samsung’s 5G terminals located alternately inside and outside the buildings that transmitted the 5G signal to the Cisco Wi-Fi routers. Orange says that early signs suggest that the FWA 5G connection is superior to the current fastest fibre-optic networks. The FWA 5G network uses a 26GHz millimetre wave radio signal to provide 1Gbps connection speeds over distances that can reach one kilometre from the base station. Orange also tested the new technology in public settings, with 5G fixed terminals installed in the Carrefour Market Floresti store and the Floresti commune building.

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