Telecom and media regulators agree wholesale cable, fibre regulations

2 Jul 2018

The CRC (a conference of telecommunications and media regulators, including BIPT, the CSA, the Medienrat and the VRM) has been given the green light from the EC on new regulations to open up cable and fibre access in Belgium. After analysis of the broadband and TV markets it was found that there was a lack of competition in these areas and that measures should be introduced to open up these networks, including lowering wholesale tariffs, creating new access conditions and providing an incentive to invest in white spots.

The CRC concluded that Proximus, Telenet, Brutele and Nethys have significant market power and that the networks of these operators must remain open to competitors requesting access. This measure is hoped to benefit those operators that do not have a fixed network and the CRC wants to foster the development of effective competition with regards to broadband, internet and TV bundles. Allowing other operators to utilise the networks of the significant market players, such as Proximus, will encourage companies to compete by lowering prices, improving their service quality and/or launching new services. Beginning in August some wholesale prices will be reduced by as much as 20%. A list of the new decisions can be found on the BIPT website.