Samsung, KDDI report successful completion of 5G video stream test

29 Jun 2018

In a press release, Korean equipment manufacturer Samsung and Japanese telecoms operator KDDI (au) have announced that, in partnership with KDDI Research Okinawa Cellular Telephone Company and Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International (ATR), they have successfully completed a real-time free-viewpoint video streaming test using 5G-supporting devices. Claiming that KDDI will use its 5G equipment to introduce a wide range of immersive viewing experiences for its users, Samsung confirmed that the test was carried out during a professional baseball game held in Okinawa Cellular Stadium in Naha and used Samsung’s 5G end-to-end solution comprised of virtualised core, virtualised RAN, one of the smallest 5G access units and ten sets of 5G tablet devices. A total of 16 cameras were used to shoot the hitter from different angles and produce free-viewpoint video in real-time for successful transmission towards Samsung’s 5G tablets.

Japan, KDDI (au), Samsung