Vodacom, Azam will use 700MHz spectrum for 4G rollout

27 Jun 2018

Azam Telecom, which secured 700MHz spectrum at the Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority’s (TCRA’s) recently concluded auction, plans to launch 4G services across the country. Local newspaper The Citizen reports that the operator is owned by Tanzanian businessman Said Salim Bakhresa and expects to roll out a mobile broadband network in the next few months. ‘We are excited for the future understanding we are venturing into one of the most competitive sectors in the country,’ commented Hussein Sufian Ally, Director of Corporate Affairs at Bakhresa Group, adding: ‘We encourage everyone to stay tuned as we roll out world class services at the most affordable rates – the Azam way.’

The TCRA recently allocated a total of 2×20MHz in the 700MHz band, with the successful bidders confirmed as Vodacom Tanzania, which acquired 2×10MHz for a total price of USD10.005 million, and Azam Telecom, which paid USD10.000 million for the remaining 2×10MHz. For its part, Vodacom said in a statement that the award will enable it to increase coverage and provide high-speed mobile broadband, supporting a superior 4G data user experience across the country.