New MTRs come into force on 1 July

19 Jun 2018

The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has published a determination setting the mobile termination rates (MTRs) that operators may charge from 1 July 2018. For ‘generic 2G/3G/4G operators’ – referring to any operator with a market share greater than 7.5% of total subscribers in the mobile voice market – the regulator has set an MTR of NGN3.90 (USD0.01) per minute, while for ‘new entrant (LTE) operators’ a rate of NGN4.70 per minute has been established. New entrants are described as a newly-licensed operator entering an existing or new market up to three years before the determination comes into effect, and/or an existing operator with a subscriber market share of less than 7.5%. The international termination rate of NGN24.40 established in 2016 will continue to apply until a new determination is made.