Thailand cancels 1800MHz spectrum auction

18 Jun 2018

Thailand’s auction for spectrum in the 1800MHz band has been cancelled after the country’s three largest mobile operators did not submit bid documents, The Bangkok Post writes. True Move, Thailand’s second largest wireless operator by subscribers, confirmed in May that it would not participate in the auction scheduled for August, claiming that it had sufficient bandwidth in a number of spectrum bands to provide its services. Total Access Communication (DTAC) and AIS followed suit with their respective announcements on 16 June, with DTAC CEO Lars Norling saying: ‘We considered the auction carefully and decided DTAC has enough high band spectrum to handle the growth of data services … The auction conditions did not allow for long-term value creation for our customers and shareholders.’

The National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) will now ask the government to scrap the existing remedy measures planned to mitigate the impact of DTAC’s concession expiry on 15 September, with all 470,000 subscribers on DTAC’s 1800MHz and 850MHz networks set to be migrated to other providers before the networks’ shutdown.