Telstra eyeing commercial introduction of 2Gbps speeds over LTE by year end

15 Jun 2018

Australia’s Telstra has begun testing downlink speeds of up to 2Gbps over LTE in the Ericsson lab environment in Stockholm, Sweden, using a prototype commercial device. The trials follow on from a demonstration of what the operator termed ‘2Gbps enabled 4G download speeds’ that it carried out at the Mobile World Congress in February this year. Now, Telstra notes that ‘results continue to be very positive’ in the latest tests, as it again achieved downlink rates of up to 2Gbps by aggregating 100MHz of spectrum across ‘various combinations of frequency bands’, while also utilising 4×4 MIMO technology.

On the back of its testing, Telstra has said it is starting to plan for the deployment of 2Gbps-enabled 4G technology in its network, noting that it will target high traffic areas like central business districts (CBDs), stadiums and shopping centres. With the NETGEAR Nighthawk Mobile Router – which is part of the current testing – expected to be made available commercially in ‘late 2018’, the operator has said it aims to roll out 2Gbps connectivity in ‘select locations’ later this year.

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