Isocel rolling out FTTH, scraps LTE plans

15 Jun 2018

Beninese ISP Isocel is rolling out fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) infrastructure under special regulatory approval, whilst it has scrapped previous plans for LTE-based broadband services, its CEO Robert Aouad told Balancing Act in an interview. The company claims it will be the first in the Republic to offer commercial FTTH, following the aborted rollout by Canal-Plus which was curtailed after failing to gain all necessary permissions. Mr Aouad confirmed to the UK-based publication: ‘We are signing a contract with the Benin electricity utility company this week and the regulator ARCEP has given us an official decision to deploy fixed fibre.’ The rollout plan envisages 350km-400km of fibre deployed over the next two years, firstly in the capital Cotonou followed by other southern areas of Benin, with customer take-up expected to be roughly 60%-70% SME/corporate and 30%-40% high-end residential users. Initial speeds promised will be ‘at least 10Mbps’ for residential and ‘20Mbps-30Mbps’ for B2B users. Isocel, which currently operates services based on broadband fixed-wireless access (BFWA), expects to have up to 25,000 FTTH customers in ‘five to ten years’.

Benin, Isocel Telecom