Vodafone kicks off gigabit expansion, increases LTE coverage of transport routes

13 Jun 2018

Vodafone Germany has embarked on the first phase of its gigabit expansion campaign, which will bring high-speed internet access to customers via the firm’s existing cable infrastructure as well as new fibre-optic lines. By the end of this financial year, Vodafone is aiming to roll out gigabit cable connections to 70 cities, including Munich, Hamburg, Nuremberg, Landshut and Dingolfing, covering eight million households and 16 million people, while fibre-optic connections will be enabled for 7,000 businesses, as well as 300,000 people in rural areas using ‘nano trenching’ technology. In addition, Vodafone claims that through its planned acquisition of Liberty Global-owned cableco Unitymedia, which operates in Baden-Wurttemberg, Hesse and North Rhine-Westphalia, the combined entity will enable 25 million gigabit connections by 2022.

In terms of mobile communications, Vodafone is expanding LTE coverage across Germany’s motorways, rail routes and airports. Around EUR55 million (USD64.7 million) will be invested in the installation of 700 additional base stations along 13,000km of motorways by the end of next year, with 1,500 base stations set to be upgraded. By the same date, LTE will be available nationwide along the ICE rail main lines in Germany, while mobile networks will be modernised at airports to enable top speeds of 500Mbps.

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