Bolt! reports 3.9m subscribers on back of ‘Unlimited Internet’ strategy

8 Jun 2018

Internux (Bolt!), the Indonesian 4G wireless broadband owned by First Media via PT Mitra Mandiri, has reported that its total subscriber base reached 3.9 million as at May 2018, up from three million in June 2017 and 2.8 million in January that year, as the company continues to reap the rewards of its ‘Unlimited Internet’ customer acquisition strategy. The ISP’s strategy, which unlike some of its rivals, it claims, promises customers no quota restrictions or time constraints, has been supported by its successful efforts to boost capacity. Speaking to the local media, Bolt! Chief Marketing Officer, Liryawati, confirmed: ‘We had signed up 3.9 million subscribers as of May 2018. Now the network has increased in capacity by 42%, in order to be more optimal to serve customers during Ramadan’.

Bolt! says that users can currently sign up to its latest post-paid smartphone and Mi-Fi-based plans, with smartphone Unlimited Internet tariffs starting from IDR90,000 (USD6.8) a month, and Mi-Fi dongles/devices or modem plans costing IDR272,000 for a maximum 15Mbps download connection, rising to IDR363,000 per month for a 30Mbps service. In addition, the ISP has also added some capped plans for post-paid users, starting at IDR145,000 for a 38GB quota.

Indonesia, Internux (Bolt!)