Bezeq ordered to offer wholesale telephony service by start of August

7 Jun 2018

Israeli fixed line incumbent Bezeq says that it has been notified by the Ministry of Communications (MoC) that it must introduce a wholesale telephony service by 1 August 2018. In a press release, Bezeq noted the regulator confirmed there is no reason why the temporary arrangement with respect to the telco offering a resold telephony service should not be extended, and as such the telco will be required to provide wholesale telephony services in the format prescribed in the ‘BSA – Bit Stream Access + Telephony’ service portfolio – starting 1 August 2018. The wholesale telephony service, it has ruled, must be sold both as a standalone product, and as an add-on to the company’s broadband bitstream offering.

Previously, in May last year the MoC advised Bezeq that it would be required to supply telephony services in resale format for twelve months from 31 July 2017, with the regulator noting that it would subsequently examine the possibility of extending the resale arrangement or turning it into a permanent arrangement. With the MoC having ultimately opted to neither extend nor make permanent the resale telephony offering, Bezeq has said that it ‘anticipates that it will be unable to meet the schedule provided’ for the introduction of a wholesale telephony offering. It is, however, said to be studying the regulator’s order, and ‘intends to approach the [MoC] in order to find a solution to the issue’.