Eutel rolling out FTTC, VDSL in Sint Eustatius

25 May 2018

Sint Eustatius operator Eutel is upgrading its outdated copper/ADSL network with fibre-to-the-cabinet (FTTC) and VDSL technology, its CEO Maryteresse Lijfrock-Redan disclosed, as quoted by the Sint Maarten-based Daily Herald, adding that Eutel aims to offer all customers within 1km of a VDSL cabinet download speeds of ‘up to 100Mbps’. Courtesy of Sint Eustatius’ status as a special overseas municipality of the Netherlands, Eutel has received a small subsidy from Dutch regulatory agency Agentschap Telecom towards realising the VDSL deployment. The local telco will fund the remaining two-thirds balance to complete the project, slated for October.

Eutel also plans to add new services such as IPTV and bundled mobile services with its fixed line/internet packages.

The Herald report adds that another of Eutel’s goals for this year is to intensify negotiations with the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agentschap Telecom, and Saba Statia Cable System (SSCS) about the costs for bandwidth. Lijfrock-Redan explained: ‘I can say some progress has been made and better rates have been negotiated. Subject of further negotiations is to discuss potential options for subsidies on either the front-end (directly to customers) or back-end (subsidy to Eutel).’

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