ARKEP opens consultation on spectrum auction

25 May 2018

Kosovo’s Regulatory Authority for Post and Electronic Communications (Autoriteti Rregullator i Komunikimeve Elektronike dhe Postare, ARKEP) has published a consultation paper regarding plans to auction spectrum in the 800MHz, 900MHz, 1800MHz, 2100MHz, 2600MHz and 3400MHz-3800MHz bands. The regulator is planning to harmonise the nation’s spectrum allocations and usage with the EU, whilst also providing operators sufficient resources to serve burgeoning demand, adopt new technologies and develop new services.

In its document, ARKEP noted the following frequencies are currently unassigned and could be auctioned: 2×30MHz in the 800MHz band (1×8MHz at 790MHz-798MHz is being used by TV Most, but the licence is due to expire in March 2020); 2×10.6MHz in the 900MHz range – 2×2.12MHz is being used by the armed forces whilst 2×23.2MHz have been allocated to the nation’s cellcos; 2×15MHz in the 1800MHz range; 2×50MHz in the 2100MHz (FDD) band (2×10MHz is in use); 1×35MHz in the 2100MHz (TDD) band; 2×40MHz in the 2600MHz (FDD) range – 2×30MHz is currently being used by the armed forces; 1×15MHz in the 2600MHz (TDD) range – 1×35MHz has been assigned to the armed forces; the entire 2×80MHz (3410MHz-3490MHz/3510MHz-3590MHz) in the 3400MHz-3600MHz band; and 180MHz in the 3600MHz-3800MHz range.

The regulator added that spectrum in the 700MHz band (2×30MHz plus 1×20MHz), 1427MHz-1517MHz, 2300MHz-2400MHz and 26GHz bands could be made available in the future.