ANCOM to hold 5G auction by end of 2019

24 May 2018

The National Authority for Management & Regulations (ANCOM) has announced that it plans to hold a 5G auction by the end of next year. The regulator has also launched a public consultation for the allocation of the 470MHz-790MHz frequency band, which it intends to use for the future 5G auction. ANCOM states that the 700MHz spectrum band can be used to improve 4G mobile services, as well as to deploy 5G services in future.

ANCOM proposes to allot 2×30MHz from the 700MHz frequency band (703MHz-733MHz paired with 758MHz-788MHz) for the provision of technologically neutral mobile/fixed (MFCN) networks using FDD operation mode and 15MHz (738MHz-753MHz sub-band) for SDL MFCN through a competitive selection procedure for awarding frequency use rights, to ensure the use of those bands starting from 30 June 2020. Interested parties have until 22 June 2018 to submit their responses to ANCOM.