Rwanda’s BSC upgrades VSAT services

23 May 2018

Rwandan ISP Broadband Systems Corporation (BSC) has signed a contract with VT iDirect for the expansion of its business-focussed VSAT satellite services in Rwanda and neighbouring countries. A press release from VT iDirect says that the new platform will enable BSC to provide high speed connectivity to multinational companies, small-and-medium enterprises and small businesses, as well as government organisations. BSC will also use the iDirect platform to backhaul 4G mobile traffic.

Christian Muhirwa, chief executive of BSC, commented: ‘Satellite communications has no topographic limitations and can be deployed quickly, making it the most viable connectivity solution across much of the African terrain. Our iDirect-based network will provide dependable backbone communications to help African nations drive business growth, expand social welfare programmes, protect citizen safety through improved emergency response communications, and enable mobile operators to greatly expand their service areas.’