UTL attracts at least six potential buyers

22 May 2018

Uganda’s state-owned fixed and mobile operator Uganda Telecom Ltd (UTL) has attracted expressions of interest from at least six companies who are looking to acquire a majority stake. According to a report from Agence Ecofin which cites ‘a source familiar with the matter’, potential buyers include Afrinet Communications, Mauritius Telecom, Hamilton, Telecel Global, Baylis Consortium and Teleology Holdings.

The government of Uganda recently implemented a series of measures aimed at facilitating the sale of a stake in UTL. The telco’s licence will be extended by 20 years, it will get cut-price access to the National Backbone Infrastructure (NBI), and it could be granted additional wireless frequencies. The cabinet has also ordered all government ministries and departments to use UTL as their ISP.

Uganda, Mauritius Telecom (MT), Uganda Telecom Limited (UTL)