Tattelecom, Rostelecom officially launch 5G experimental network

22 May 2018

Tatarstan-based Tattelecom, in partnership with Russian national giant Rostelecom, Chinese vendor Huawei and the Ministry of Informatization & Communication of the Republic of Tatarstan, has announced the official launch of an experimental 5G network zone in hi-tech new-build city Innopolis to demonstrate and explore the potential of new generation communications technology. Tattelecom reported on its website that key aims of the test network – covering Innopolis’ University and Technopark – are to study the market for 5G services, demonstrate commercial opportunities and find effective business solutions. Huawei supplied Massive MIMO equipment for the 5G network, which was launched with a demo of high data transfer rates (above 2Gbps) and ultra-low latency using 4k streaming video, live broadcasting from a 360-degree virtual camera and a ‘virtual football ground’.

Russia, Huawei Technologies, Rostelecom, Tattelecom