MOTIV bolsters LTE network with VoLTE and FDD-TDD technologies

21 May 2018

Russian mobile network operator MOTIV, which offers wireless services in four of the six regions that comprise the Urals Federal District, has announced a series of upgrades, including the deployment of voice-over-LTE (VoLTE), the rollout of new TDD-LTE base stations, and plans to implement carrier aggregation (CA) for both FDD and TDD systems. Russian news portal iksmedia reports that the number of LTE users on MOTIV’s network has doubled in the past year, as a result of which it intends to boost its total number of on-air 4G base stations by around 15%-20% in fiscal 2018 in a bid to eradicate any ‘white spots’, increase network capacity and boost data speeds significantly. MOTIV marketing director Ekaterina Khvorostova notes too that the Yekaterinburg-based operator will launch VoLTE to improve voice call quality while also kick starting the implementation of CA to take full advantage of its allocation of 1800MHz/2600MHz spectrum.

Russia, MOTIV (Ekaterinburg-2000)