JCI receives regulatory certifications for u-LTE base station

15 May 2018

Japan Communications Inc (JCI) has received Japan’s first regulatory certification under The Radio Law and Telecommunications Business Law to establish an unlicensed LTE (u-LTE) base station in the country, pursuant with the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC’s) amendment to the law on the designation of u-LTE spectrum, which came into effect on 1 October 2017. Now, with all the required certifications having been received, JCI will look to develop u-LTE as part of a plan to ‘level the playing field and enable many more operators to deploy LTE base stations and provide LTE services’. The company, which was established in May 1996 and later developed an MVNO business model, says that u-LTE fits perfectly with JCI’s founding principle ‘to provide secure and reliable communications’ and says that it is the optimal technology to deliver services such as secure and reliable office networks, or IoT networks. It is understood that the u-LTE base station it will use has been supplied by domestic wireless infrastructure provider Baicells.

Japan, Japan Communications Inc. (JCI)