Swedish 5G spectrum to be sold next year

4 May 2018

Sweden’s Post and Telecom Agency (Post & Telestyrelsen, PTS) says it is planning to auction wireless spectrum licences for 5G services in the 3.4GHz-3.8GHz band in 2019. The regulator intends to offer 300MHz of frequencies on a nationwide basis, while also reserving 100MHz for regional concessions. The PTS says that existing licensees in the 3.4GHz-3.8GHz band will not have to relinquish their frequencies and reapply for spectrum, although they can volunteer to have spectrum reassigned if they so wish. The regulator is also looking at selling off 5G mobile licences in the 26.5GHz-27.5GHz band, though it is awaiting moves towards the international harmonisation of the band before proceeding.