Digi, Ericsson unveil 5G at event in Bucharest

4 May 2018

RCS&RDS (Digi), Romania’s fourth largest cellco by subscribers, has partnered with Swedish vendor Ericsson to demonstrate 5G at an event in Bucharest. At the conference the two companies demonstrated the use of 5G technology by testing 5G connection speeds of up to 10Gbps through a prototype platform, as well as signal latency reduced to one tenth of current 4G technology. Digi and Ericsson also demonstrated how the new 5G technology can be used for independent vehicles interacting with traffic lights and can improve road safety.

Mircea Rebegea, Ericsson Country Manager Romania said: ‘The Digi Mobil network is ready for the 5G evolution and it will allow Digi Mobil users, companies, state institutions and residential users to connect to the objects that surround us … The new equipment in our network is already at the level of 5G future technology, allowing us in the future to offer Digi Mobil users an improved experience with 5G features – increased access speed, low latency and IoT.’

Romania, Ericsson, RCS&RDS (DIGI)