A1 to connect 300,000 more homes to fibre network

1 May 2018

A1 Telekom Austria has announced plans to expand its fibre-optic network to around 500 municipalities in the coming years, with a view to connecting over 300,000 additional homes and businesses. The expansion will enable access to broadband download speeds of up to 300Mbps and other services such as HD TV, while the fibre-optic network will also connect existing mobile radio transmitters throughout the country in preparation for the rollout of 5G mobile communications.

‘The connection to the fibre-optic network is a prerequisite for the digitisation of companies and contributes to the emergence of new business areas,’ commented A1 CEO Marcus Grausam, adding: ‘Even for private users, access to faster internet is indispensable. In particular, regional broadband development helps to preserve rural areas as an attractive place to live and work. Especially there, we are investing heavily in the expansion of the infrastructure in order to make the networks fit for digitisation.’

Austria, A1 Telekom Austria