O2 Slovakia to transfer 1800MHz spectrum to Slovanet

30 Apr 2018

Cellco O2 Slovakia says it is transferring a small portion of its 1800MHz spectrum to fixed and wireless ISP Slovanet. The sale is being carried out to enable O2 to bid in a forthcoming auction of 2×9MHz of 1800MHz frequencies suitable for LTE use, Zive.sk writes. A cap of 2×20MHz applies to the 1800MHz band, covering both new and existing licences. Slovanet currently utilises 3.5GHz frequencies to offer wireless broadband services based on TD-LTE technology. The sale will cover 2×0.8MHz of spectrum at 1765.3MHz-1766.1MHz/1860.3MHz-1861.1MHz.

Slovakia, O2 Slovakia, Slovanet (incl. WiMAX Telecom)