Proximus, Huawei conduct 5G outdoor trial

27 Apr 2018

Proximus, Belgium’s largest mobile network operator (MNO) by subscribers, has teamed up with Chinese equipment vendor Huawei to carry out a successful outdoor trial of 5G technology. The field test took place in Haasrode and transfer speeds of up to 2.94Gbps were achieved, with end-to-end latency down to 1.81 milliseconds. The test used Massive MIMO technology, which can multiply the quantity of data transmitted over the same band, whilst also improving the service’s coverage. Proximus has said that over the next six months the field trial will be extended to universities to further assess the technology’s suitability in representative settings. CTO of Proximus, Geert Standaert commented: ‘As the specifications of 5G are becoming more and more clear, we are exploring the possibilities of this next generation mobile technology. These tests with Huawei are of great value for us as they enable us to gain valuable insights in this cutting-edge technology and the benefits it will bring to enterprises and consumers in Belgium. As such, Proximus is preparing itself to bring 5G to Belgium.’

Proximus claimed to be the first Belgian operator to test 5G in November 2016 when it conducted an indoor test of the next generation technology, once more in collaboration with Huawei.

Belgium, Huawei Technologies, Proximus