Austria adopts 5G Strategy document

27 Apr 2018

Austria has approved its 5G Strategy document, which aims to ensure nationwide coverage of 5G mobile services by the end of 2025. Kronen Zeitung reports that under the first phase, the first pre-commercial 5G tests are scheduled to take place during 2018, while the second envisages nationwide coverage of 100Mbps broadband and 5G coverage of provincial capitals by the end of 2023. Finally, 5G should be made accessible across the main traffic routes by the end of 2023, followed by nationwide coverage two years later.

The country plans to auction off 5G-suitable frequencies in autumn; a total of 390MHz of spectrum is planned for allocation on a regional basis, comprising 190MHz within the 3410MHz-3600MHz range and 200MHz in the 3600MHz-3800MHz band. In addition, the Regulatory Authority for Broadcasting and Telecommunications (Rundfunk und Telekom Regulierungs, RTR) has earmarked the 700MHz band for 5G services and plans to make these frequencies available to operators from 2020.