Crnogorski Telekom signs fibre infrastructure contract with CEDIS

26 Apr 2018

Crnogorski Telekom, Montenegro’s largest telco by subscribers, has announced that it has signed a fibre-optic infrastructure agreement with the Montenegrin Electricity Distribution System (CEDIS). Crnogorski said that the cooperation with CEDIS will allow it to continue to expand its fibre-optic network and enable it to offer high-quality broadband services to a larger number of suburban and rural households.

Nikola Ljusev, Executive Director of Crnogorski Telekom commented: ‘Telekom has enabled the development of the network and the availability of high-quality services to a large number of households so far and in cooperation with CEDIS, we will be able to offer the most modern services for users in suburban and rural areas. We thank CEDIS for its willingness to offer its infrastructure for further development of the optical network so that all citizens have equal opportunities to use telecommunication services. Through this partnership we fulfil the goals of the national digital agenda in the best way.’

Montenegro, Crnogorski Telekom