ARKEP introduces trio of new regulations

26 Apr 2018

Kosovo’s telecoms watchdog the Regulatory Authority for Post and Electronic Communications (Autoriteti Rregullator i Komunikimeve Elektronike dhe Postare, ARKEP) has approved three new sets of regulations, which look to shore up consumers’ rights and update existing rules to ensure net neutrality. ‘Regulation No. 36, On the quality of electronic communication services’ (No. 016/B/18) defines minimum quality of service (QoS) parameters for retail services, as well as the methodology for measuring those metrics and requires the submission of reports on performance regarding those targets. Under the rules, ARKEP will also publish an annual QoS report. ‘Regulation No. 37 On general authorisations’ (No. 019/B/18) updates the conditions and procedures for the provision of electronic communication networks in Kosovo. The regulations require existing operators to submit fresh notifications within six months to update their licence.

Finally, ‘Regulation No. 38 On contracts, transparency and disclosure of information, and other safeguards for end-users for the provision of electronic communications networks and services’ (No. 022/B/18) defines the terms and conditions that should be included in contracts for the provision of electronic communication services to the public and includes measures to increase transparency for customers. In addition, the regulations feature a range of additional requirements relating to net neutrality, under which ISPs are obligated to include in their contracts for fixed networks: maximum download and upload speeds, guaranteed minimum speeds (no less than 20% of the maximum speed), average speeds and hours of peak usage. For mobile networks, operators must detail the maximum speed a customer could expect to experience at least once a day, alongside the advertised speeds.