Regulations on interior networks come into force

25 Apr 2018

A new piece of legislation has come into force in Chile which looks to allow residents of multi-dwelling units (MDUs) – such as blocks of flats or condominiums – greater freedom to choose their service provider. The new ‘Duct Law’ bans construction firms from signing previously commonplace exclusivity agreements whereby the operator responsible for installing a new build’s interior network gains a monopoly on the provision of fixed services to residents of that building. Instead, construction firms will have to ensure that any company should be able to install equipment to serve the residents of the new building. In the case of existing structures, however, the Department of Telecommunications (Subsecretaria de Telecomunicaciones, Subtel) notes that ‘a protocol of good practices was established to give the possibility to communities of buildings to be able to choose other suppliers’. The law requires that direct access facilities are shared, but the regulator acknowledged that in some cases it might not be technically feasible for a new player to begin offering services at a particular location.