DOCOMO, Nokia Bell Labs to demo 5G NR at 90GHz

25 Apr 2018

In a press release, Nokia says it will begin working with Japanese mobile network operator (MNO) NTT DOCOMO at the Brooklyn 5G Summit to showcase 5G technology capable of delivering massive-capacity, to meet increased demand in video data and applications. The pair say they will collaborate ‘to create technologies that will support the delivery of enhanced mobile broadband applications for 5G’, applying a Nokia Bell Labs-developed compact mmWave phased-array antenna system scalable up to 256-elements using an integrated circuit (RFIC) solution in the ultra-high 90GHz frequency band to enable multi-gigabit per second speeds. Further, Nokia and NTT DOCOMO will utilise 5G New Radio (5G NR) enhancements at higher mmWave frequency bands to establish how they manage radio complexity and a larger number of antenna beams, while enabling greater bandwidth. The partnership will also show how using a larger number of antenna elements at higher frequency bands can minimise pathloss to enable coverage similar to that found using lower mmWave bands. Going forward, the two firms will continue to test these technologies in the wireless carrier’s research lab at the Yokosuka Research Park in Japan, exploring how Nokia’s solution could enhance coverage in a variety of scenarios, including urban, suburban and in-building environments.

Japan, Nokia, NTT DOCOMO