ANCOM lowers wholesale mobile and fixed number portability tariffs

23 Apr 2018

Romania’s National Authority for Management and Regulations (ANCOM) will lower the price of wholesale tariffs for the porting of mobile and fixed telephone numbers. The wholesale fee for porting a fixed number will be reduced to EUR4.64 (USD5.70) from EUR7.80, with the new figure determined by an assessment made by benchmarking other European countries and their fixed number portability tariffs. The new tariff set by ANCOM for porting mobile numbers has been set at EUR2.13, dropped from a rate of EUR5.60 per number. This figure was once more reached after ANCOM undertook benchmarking of other European countries’ mobile number portability tariff prices.

The updates in wholesale portability charges comes after a public consultation was held, with the regulator adding that the current fees were brought into force in 2010. ANCOM adds that the new prices will come into effect 15 days after ANCOM’s decision has been published in the Romanian Official Journal.