AT&T Mexico launches fixed-wireless LTE for residential users

18 Apr 2018

AT&T Mexico has unveiled the launch of its brand new ‘Internet en Casa’ fixed-wireless broadband service for residential users. The service targets would-be users unserved by the country’s fixed line operators, and leverages the telco’s large-scale LTE network, which now covers almost 100 million Mexican citizens. A 5Mbps ‘Basic’ subscription is priced at MXN200 (USD11.1) per month, while a 10Mbps ‘Full’ subscription costs MXN350.

Kelly King, CEO of AT&T Mexico, commented: ‘We never stop looking for new ways to transform lives through the power of connectivity. That is why I am proud to announce that we recently launched our ‘Home Internet’ service in Mexico. When we designed it we took into account two main factors: simplicity and accessibility. We wanted to make sure it was an easy-to-use product that consumers could simply buy, connect and enjoy.’

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