Ofcom finalises spectrum auction result

16 Apr 2018

British telecoms regulator Ofcom has published the final result of its recent spectrum auction, after concluding the process of allocating frequencies for the four winning bidders. The industry watchdog confirmed that O2 UK, the biggest spender at the sale process, has been allocated the 3500MHz-3540MHz block in the 3.5GHz band, and as the sole winner of 2.4GHz spectrum has also laid claim to the 2350MHz–2390MHz block in that band. Three UK notably increased the cost of its new spectrum holdings in the assignment phase, with Ofcom confirming that it had agreed to pay an additional GBP13.13 million (USD18.7 million) to secure the 3460MHz-3480MHz block. BT subsidiary EE also paid extra during the assignment process, offering up an additional GBP1.00 million for the 3540MHz-3580MHz block. Rounding out the winners, Vodafone UK has been allocated the 3410MHz-3460MHz block, and did not pay any additional fee in the allocation process.