Vodafone UK conducts 5G spectrum test over its live 4G network

13 Apr 2018

Vodafone UK claims to have become the first British mobile network operator (MNO) to complete a test of 5G spectrum across an existing live network. In a press release regarding the development the cellco said that, just a week after securing new spectrum at auction, it had used 3.4GHz frequencies on its network between Manchester and its headquarters in Newbury, Berkshire. To carry out the 5G spectrum test, the MNO used a site at its Manchester contact centre which houses around 1,000 customer service employees, and its offices in Newbury, with the test utilising Massive MIMO technology combined with 3.4GHz spectrum running over the operator’s core 4G network.

Commenting on the development, Vodafone UK Chief Executive Nick Jeffery said: ‘5G will improve the quality of our lives and transform how we work … Today’s test is just the beginning. We are now preparing our network for 5G while continuing to increase the capacity and extend the reach of our existing 4G network.’

United Kingdom, Vodafone UK