Retailer Kogan to launch fixed broadband service over NBN this week

11 Apr 2018

Australian electronics retailer Kogan is poised to launch a cut-price fixed broadband service on 12 April using the National Broadband Network (NBN). The service – branded ‘Kogan Internet’ – will be offered in association with existing mobile wholesale partner Vodafone Australia, which has hosted the Kogan Mobile MVNO since October 2015. The service will be targeted at the retailer’s 8.5 million-strong customer database.

David Shafer, executive director of Kogan, commented: ‘The government, through the NBN, is effectively nationalising fixed line broadband and retailers buy from the NBN at the same price. Where you have got retailers buying a product from a government utility for the same price, the retailer who can market the most efficiently should win in the long term … We are very bullish on the success of Kogan Mobile and Kogan Internet. We think there is no reason that within five years Kogan cannot be one of the biggest telcos in Australia.’