Biznet extends fibre-optic network to Cirebon, West Java

9 Apr 2018

Indonesian operator PT Supra Primatama Nusantara, trading as Biznet Networks, has announced the commercial launch of residential fibre broadband services in the city of Cirebon, West Java. IndoTelko notes that the company’s new service launch was unveiled at the start of the Biznet Festival Cirebon 2018, on 7 April. Biznet president Adi Kusma noted that people living in the city can now access its ultra-fast, high-quality internet services, with fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) ‘Biznet Home’ products starting from IDR280,000 (USD20.5) per month for a 30Mbps connection. Meanwhile, the price of its ‘Biznet Metronet’ (business) offer starts at IDR960,000 per month for a 30Mbps line, he said. The Biznet official also noted that the company will also provide free Wi-Fi access to visitors during the festival event.

Indonesia, Biznet Networks