Sernac takes trio to task over ‘unlimited’ plans

6 Apr 2018

Chilean consumer rights watchdog the National Consumer Service (Servicio Nacional del Consumidor, Sernac) has accused a trio of mobile network operators of misleading advertising regarding their ‘unlimited’ plans. Sernac claims that the Entel, WOM and Movistar violated the Law on the Protection of Consumer Rights by not providing truthful information, noting that tariffs advertised by the trio as ‘unlimited’ actually had several limitations. Entel’s ‘Conexion Ilimitada’ plan, boasts unlimited data and minutes, but the fine print of the tariff notes that the free calls apply to the first 300 destination numbers called each month only. Movistar’s unlimited offerings similarly limited calls to the first 300 numbers only. Both Movistar and WOM, meanwhile, applied fair usage clauses to the terms of their plans, slowing data transfer rates to 256kbps once customers reach a certain download limit – 40GB for Movistar and 50GB for WOM.