EKIP orders Crnogorski Telekom to lower price of fixed calls, ADSL packages

3 Apr 2018

Montenegro’s telecoms watchdog the Agency for Electronic Communications and Postal Services (EKIP), has ordered the country’s leading telco by subscribers, Crnogorski Telekom to lower the prices of fixed telephone calls from 1 May and also to reduce the monthly subscription costs of its ADSL broadband packages. EKIP has ordered that the cost of calls from Crnogorski to other national fixed networks must go down 40%, the cost of mobile calls must be cut by 10%, with international calls also to be lowered by 10%. The regulator has also stipulated that the prices of all Crnogorski’s ADSL internet packages must be reduced by 10%, while wholesale prices for internet access will be cut by 8.1%, a move that EKIP hopes will allow more favourable conditions for other operators to provide internet access via the telco’s infrastructure.

Montenegro, Agency for Electronic Communications & Post (EKIP), Crnogorski Telekom